Updates for the 2019 Launch

New Synchrony HOME cards are going out to eligible existing cardholders. Here are a few things to know as cardholders begin receiving and using their cards:

  • Some cardholders will receive an activation offer along with their new card. The offers are for a $10 or $25 statement credit on purchases of $100 or more and will expire on May 15,2019 or June 15, 2019. These offers are funded and fulfilled by Synchrony. There is nothing you need to do for the cardholder to receive the offer.
  • Customers will need to activate their new card. Customers’ old cards will continue to be accepted until at least August 31, 2019. Once their new card has been activated, the old card will no longer work.
  • If a card is declined, call 1-800-333-1082 as the cardholder may not have activated their new card.

Be sure to share this information with your team so they are prepared to start accepting the new Synchrony HOME Credit Card.